About Us

Greenforce is a Corporate Sustainability Strategy and Communications Firm.

We strongly believe that the future of businesses will be shaped by their actions in three domains:

Innovation. Growth. Sustainability.

Our history goes back to 2003, when we truly started to understand the meaning of sustainability. Instead of striving to be a good company, we think deeper to outline longer-term strategies and to meet business goals such as cost reductions, increased efficiency, new markets and growth. This is how we maintain our strong competitive advantage:

we start with the end in mind.

Everything we do is fueled by creative thinking, a logical approach, and our headstrong team of vibrant, passionate industry veterans.

Today, we proudly work with a growing network of organizations in Europe, US, Africa and Asia, to boost their performance across the board. With our help, you’ll be equipped with a clear-cut and simplified strategy for sustainability and eco-friendliness. We work hard to source ongoing opportunities for innovation, growth, information reporting, and stakeholder engagement. This is how we deliver end-to-end sustainability solutions that help our clients navigate the minefields of materiality, reporting, big strategy visions, specific goal-setting, and beyond.

Our team is our strongest asset. Each member brings a unique source of energy, ideas, and expertise to the table, fusing creativity with technical prowess and a unique perspective on the importance of sustainability.

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