The EU Green Deal: Companies that take this seriously can capitalize on a new mindset

By Benita Dreesen and Gabriel Webber Ziero The EU new deal has now been launched and regulators are working out the different scenarios. What are the first regulations for companies to consider (and to comply with?); what is the timeframe? The EU Green Deal is a strategy that sets the tone for how the next […]

The European Union: out of the race for civil nuclear geopolitics?

By Benita Dreesen — According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), at the end of 2019, the world installed 5.5 GW of new nuclear capacity, with China and Russia remaining the leading countries in terms of new grid connections and construction launches. At the same time, another 60.5 GW of new nuclear capacity was under […]

The Renewable Energy Financing Mechanism: A twisted EU compromise?

By Richard Bousfield — On the 6th May, the EU announced its new renewable energy financing mechanism; a plan designed to ensure that EU member states are able to achieve their individual and collective renewable energy targets. It is hoped that this new measure increases the rates of investment in renewable energy. It is expected […]

EU Insights — Moment of Truth for the Green New Deal: Can it survive in a post-Coronavirus Europe?

By Richard Bousfield — On April 9th, 11 countries signed a letter arguing that the Green New Deal must be central to the post- Coronavirus economic recovery. By the 17th April, this number had increased to 17, with most notably France and Germany adding their names to the list. Currently, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech […]

Be prepared – pressure from investors is on the rise.

There is no bigger wake-up call for companies than the call from investors. More than ever before,  investors are expecting to make environmental and social and governance (ESG)  a top priority. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Now that the world is shifting its focus on the post- Covid-19 economic recovery, investors are looking toward […]

Greenforce Releases New eBook “Design Your Own Money Making Sustainability Plan.” Guides Business Through Covid-19 Era

Geneva, Brussels — Sustainability experts at Greenforce this week released a new eBook “Design Your Own Money Making Sustainability Plan That Makes Your CEO Smile and Want More.” The work is authored by well-known sustainability authority Benita Dreesen who is also Managing Director of Greenforce. The guide is supported by high-level consultancy services from the […]

GreenBuzz Bern Relaunches With Fresh Commitment on Sustainable Financing and European Regulatory

Building strong bridges between Bern and Brussels Brussels, Bern — GreenBuzz Bern has relaunched with a new focus on global sustainability. The organization is a global network of sustainability experts with chapters in Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Amsterdam, and Berlin. They drive sustainability innovation within organizations, businesses, corporations, entrepreneurial start-ups, and more. GreenBuzz Bern focuses on […]

Investors Aren’t Going to Read your Sustainability Report

CEOs are spending time reconnecting with their children at home, meanwhile, investors are opening up their laptops at their kitchen tables and policymakers are facing hard choices. Thus sustainability professionals will need to adapt too. If BlackRock CEO Larry Fink is correct in predicting that capital will increasingly be allocated to those companies with the […]