You are always influencing people around you, whether you know it or not. People are watching you. Be sure to make it a positive experience for them.

Influence (and leadership) doesn’t just happen; it’s something that you develop intentionally, by practice and effort. You can be an introvert and still have much influence on people.

How do you start building and gaining leadership with your team? Follow these steps:

(1) teach them: about your vision and your values; great influencers are very clear when explaining any given topic; this makes others willing to follow them and believe in them

(2) challenge them: when someone challenges us, they influence us; nothing directs our attention better than a challenge that demands us to stretch our knowledge, skills, and abilities

(3) role-model: people won’t believe the message if they don’t respect the messenger. Who you are, how you show up to work, the actions you take, and your values and principles are closely analyzed and this makes all the difference!

People don’t always remember what you say but they always will remember how you make them feel!

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