At this time of the year, everyone seems to be sick and we are all looking at the holiday season to recharge. It’s really difficult to stay on top of your game throughout the year especially when your health isn’t optimal.

What about maintaining your health and wellbeing all year round?

Here are some tips that could help you to stay energized.

Tip 1: Take charge of your good habits – every day

We all know that we should closely manage our sleep, workouts, nutrition, and health. But few people consistently care -on a day to day level- for their well-being, which is why they can’t keep up.

Strive to eat well, sleep well, and work out so that you have the physical energy and stamina to enjoy work and life, moreover, to deal head-on with its challenges and opportunities. Take the habit of scheduling and measuring these three categories on a daily basis. This must become one of your priorities in life if you wish to succeed in the long run (and enjoy the journey!).

Tip 2: Know your enemies

Try to identify what your enemies are in regards to your health and productivity. Food and emotion wellbeing are common factors that lead many people to stress and burnout. Recognize them and develop ways to combat them. When we are aware of our bad habits, we can anticipate and implement ways to remain focused on what really matters.

Tip 3: A better way to live and thrive

Sometimes having well-balanced sleeping patterns and eating habits aren’t enough. That’s because there is an important aspect missing; it’s called ‘motivation’. Finding your own motivation day-in-day-out means that you will have to learn to focus and dedicate yourself to your goals. Set boundaries, take care of your body, stick to effective health habits and cultivate more joy. And you’ll soon see that you’ll feel happier, energized and more motivated to address your daily challenges.

How do you wish to finish this decade? Whether you want to leave the holidays relieved from stress or whether you’re okay with your usual rhythm; the choice is yours.

To your health!

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