It’s time to plan the end of your year. What projects do you need to complete? What do you need to achieve? How can you set yourself up for an EXTRAORDINARY new decade?

People always ask us how to stay disciplined and productive, even during this last month before the upcoming holidays. Here are a few tips:

  • Have a rock-solid daily ROUTINE. It includes having a good breakfast and working out, filling in your daily planner and visualizing how the activities of the day will roll out;
  • Reach out to your contacts on a daily basis. It’s really all about PEOPLE and it keeps you grounded and connected;
  • Be STRATEGIC on your project management and think about how you’ll develop your execution;
  • Take ACTION; your success is dictated by your CONSISTENT actions – what you do each day, how well you prepare and how you execute. Take no action, have no progress. But overcome your fear, get going and soon there will be momentum and success in what you love to do.

Not sure how and WHERE TO BEGIN?

Download our Guide ‘How to develop your First Sustainability Plan’ on our website and get going.

You’re about to complete this decade. End it clean and be ENTHUSIASTIC about what is to come!

Warm regards,


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