Yesterday, I went for a bike ride.

As I came up to a big hill, I had to get up, pedal super hard, speeding up.

I had to work furiously to get some real momentum to make that hill easier to climb.

That metaphor is EVERYTHING right now.

We are in a moment when we will face difficult economic realities lying ahead.

Yes, things are shutting down. But that does not have to be you.

If you are active in sustainability, this is the time to ‘skill-up’; to learn how to continue implementing online your sustainable projects, to learn how to build online your community and increase your audience.

It’s not only a must as the whole world goes virtual, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime to add value to what you are doing.

New opportunities have presented themselves. New tools were invented. Technically things got better.

So whatever you do, whatever your career or mission or purpose is: Get focused – Get disciplined – Skill up – Prioritize and Build now.

Don’t hit PAUSE on your goals and projects;  don’t slow down but instead, be ready and gain momentum now in all your major projects.

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