We are all productive people but we often get distracted as time goes by.

Sometimes you have two good projects (or more) coming in, which can be overwhelming. There is also this creeping feeling about how to make your best decision; especially when it is a life-changing one.

Fortunately, there is a framework that can help you every single time you need to make choices. And here it is:

        EVALUATE : TERMS < ROI + FV + L + PD 

(T=Time; E=Energy; R=Resources; M=Money; S=Sanity-does this project make me crazy or not..)

(ROI=Return on Investment; FV=Future Value; L=Lifestyle; P=Personal Development)

So what does this exactly mean? Well, this says that what you put into it (the TERMS) needs to be less than what you get out of it.

Never do something just for the ROI as it’s not enough if we wish to prosper long term.  We also need to have future value built into it, improving significantly what you are already doing.

This is called strategic growth thinking and is the opposite of how we often do things: jumping into something right away.

The way to be productive is to build up your curriculum, your vision, focus, and your objectives, and to look past the short term.  

And this is so important to keep in mind –  because ‘Your future matters’, a lot.

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