GreenBuzz Bern Relaunches With Fresh Commitment on Sustainable Financing and European Regulatory

Building strong bridges between Bern and Brussels

Brussels, Bern — GreenBuzz Bern has relaunched with a new focus on global sustainability. The
organization is a global network of sustainability experts with chapters in Zurich, Bern, Geneva,
Amsterdam, and Berlin. They drive sustainability innovation within organizations, businesses,
corporations, entrepreneurial start-ups, and more.

GreenBuzz Bern focuses on the two axes of Sustainable Financing and Sustainable Regulation/Risk Management developed at the European Institutions in Brussels. The two areas enable sustainable innovation on a broader scale and are key to business and industry, moving forward on sustainability.

The relaunch of the Bern chapter is being led by two new board members: Juliet Blum and Benita Dreesen. They have decades of experience working with governments and industries throughout Europe and beyond bringing greater sustainability during an era of increased environmental concern.

Benita Dreesen has been active in strategic communications and sustainability since the 1990s. She is widely known as an expert consultant, speaker, and writer whose work is used in Europe, Asia, and Africa. She is known for closely following sustainability developments in the EU Parliament and EU Commission. Dreesen holds certifications in sustainability from Columbia University and Stanford University. Most recently she has been leading a European multinational in developing sustainability plans for Africa.

Fellow core team and board member Juliet Blum is a biodiversity and ecosystems expert with a
specialization in sustainable finance. She has worked extensively in promoting global climate action and environmental sustainability. Blum is known for getting results through private sector finance and development cooperation.

Richard Bousfield recently joined the team as an experienced writer and content creator. He has a background in International Relations, History, and Sustainability, with an emphasis upon the socio-economic implications of sustainable transitions. Richard has a strong focus on fossil fuel reform, circular economy thinking, and sustainable supply chain management.

GreenBuzz Bern is currently organizing thematic events, workshops, and informal networking events for sustainability leaders. The next venue is scheduled later this year in Autumn. These thematic events allow sustainability professionals from a wide variety of institutions, corporations and organizations to work together to move sustainability forward in society, business, and politics.

About GreenBuzz Bern (
GreenBuzz is a global network of sustainability professionals with chapters in Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Amsterdam and Berlin.

We are a cross-sectoral network of sustainability professionals who drive sustainability forward from within organizations, businesses, corporates, start-ups etc. GreenBuzz Bern focuses on two axes with exciting implications for industry, governments, and the world at large. These two vital areas of work and research are Sustainable Financing and Sustainable Regulation. They are the engines that enable sustainability on a broad, highly significant level.
Contact: Benita Dreesen – ; tel.: +32 498 12 6001; +41 79 950 00 90

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