Greenforce Releases New eBook “Design Your Own Money Making Sustainability Plan.” Guides Business Through Covid-19 Era

Geneva, Brussels — Sustainability experts at Greenforce this week released a new eBook “Design Your Own Money Making Sustainability Plan That Makes Your CEO Smile and Want More.” The work is authored by well-known sustainability authority Benita Dreesen who is also Managing Director of Greenforce. The guide is supported by high-level consultancy services from the organizations’ team of sustainability professionals.

The eBook is a practical guide to help businesses create their own sustainability plan geared for the current and post-pandemic eras. Leaders receive expert guidance in several areas including proven ways to create a more sustainable and reliable supply chain originating closer to home.
“In recent weeks COVID-19 has changed the world. CEOs are looking back realizing they need to be much better prepared for a future that could be quite different,” Dreesen said.

Companies had already started adapting thanks to advancing technology, AI, and analytics. The current health crises have created a new normal requiring company to better manage their risks.
“Sourcing will be brought closer to the end market. This is especially true as borders are sometimes restricted and global supply centers are in lockdown,” Dreesen said.

Investors had already been using resiliency more systematically in their valuations. This was especially true in the context of recent natural disasters brought on by climate change. Experts predict environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors will likely expand in business to include resilience to outside shocks. The current pandemic is one example.

“We can expect relations between government and business, and between business and society to become even more intense. This is what sustainability is all about,” Dreesen said.
In these rapidly changing times, Greenforce believes sustainability takes on a fresh, new, central
importance of preparing organizations for this and future shocks, driving innovation and mitigating
future risk.

“Design Your Own Money Making Sustainability Plan” is the second release from Greenforce. They also offer “Building Sustainability Programs”. It provides all the basics companies need to develop their own intelligent and highly effective sustainability plan and strategies.

Learn more about Greenforce and download the eBooks at
Greenforce Division ( Greenforce is the leading division of BENTLEYE, which for over 25 years has been engaged in the creation of business strategies with a focus on corporate communication, crises, stakeholder relations, and marketing. It is also the monitoring hub for new EU legislation in Brussels and international legislation in Geneva.
Over the years they have worked in Asia, Africa, and Europe developing sustainability plans and programs. Clients have including government (EU Commission), NGO (UNEP), media (Argus Media and The Economist), and lots of medium-sized and multinationals.
The team provides implementation and strategies. Over time they have evolved from a focus on green energy to a concentration on sustainability.

“We have learned practices and developed business cases all over the world. We’ve seen evolutions and differences in corporate approach,” Dreesen said.

Contact: Benita Dreesen, Managing Director,; tel.: +41 79 950 00 90

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