Greenforce Launches Blueprint “How to build your Sustainability Plan”

A practical guide to Develop a complete Company Sustainability Plan & Strategy Geneva, Brussels — This week Greenforce announced the release of their product “Building Sustainability Programs”. It provides all the basics companies need to develop their own intelligent and highly effective sustainability plan and strategies. The blueprint is supported by high-level consultancy services by […]

Sustainability professionals enjoy climbing the corporate ladder too. Four tips to step up your game.

This past decade, sustainable thinking has evolved from the image of simply doing good to being linked to profitability. Leading organizations nowadays finally see corporate sustainability as an advantage. As companies changed and advanced along the maturity line (from an operational, compliance model to a senior-level, strategic and external collaboration focus model), their sustainability practitioners […]

Sustainability is finally becoming a differentiator; let’s add value to it and make it real …

Not only in Europe but all over the world, companies and organizations are starting to understand that doing business as usual is no longer a valid option. There is indeed a shift in perception running through corporate DNAs as management are linking sustainability to long-term existence. After all these years of best practices and fact […]

Simplify your sustainability planning You and Your Boss will only benefit from it …

The term sustainability has been claimed by many leaders and politicians to be responsible for being a good person and company, doing social welfare, taking action on climate change, etc. No wonder that many people feel that sustainability seems vague, comes with extra costs and taxes or they think of it as a new trend […]